Thursday, January 5, 2012

some accounting

-Enrique and I spent the better part of the first half of our day visiting dad in Northboro.
-Mom is in Utah with Alana.  She is due and pending... (hooray for new babies!)
-Dad is still sick.  I told him if he were my child, I would haul him back to the doctor.
-We watched the movie Inception together.  We liked it.  It was intense.  Onion-y. 
(layers, baby.) 
-All of that was way better than making a smoothie for breakfast that I had to throw out (because it had shards of plastic in it... have you ever accidentally thrown ice on top of your little clear plastic blender lid thingy and not noticed it was there in the bottom, waiting to be sliced to smithereens?), slipping on a hanger on the mudroom floor and falling HARD! on my knees (ouch) and finally getting to the store (after a desperate morning with frothy powdered milk as the cereal option) and FORGETTING the milk! 
Someone save me.
-I did get to go ice skating with my little boy this afternoon, and THAT was grand.


Cynthia said...

You make me laugh! Was today's smoothie any better than the one with the frozen sausage in it?

shirlgirl said...

Cynthia, I was thinking the same thing!! Great minds run in the same channels, so they say. Yuck! Sorry about your fall--must give a pep talk to those hanging clothes and be sure there is nothing dangerous on the floor for anyone to slip on and fall. You really could have had a bad injury. Glad you are o.k. What happened to your breakfast dessert? All out? Glad you ended the afternoon with an ice skating session with Mr. Morning.