Friday, July 2, 2010

When things don't go your way,

and bring happy people with you:
Thanks, Mr. Dub


LL said...

choc raspberry swirl!!!!!!! are you kidding me? choc. and raspberries are my two favorite things. YUM
Don't post the flavors AND visions of ice cream. You tease us. :)

Jenny said...

...and it's ALL homemade, LL!!
You must get there.

shirlgirl said...

Oh, yummy! I love ice cream and the bigger the better!

Becky said...

PLEASE tell me your ice cream eating skillz have improved since I went with you. THAT was embarrassing. ;)

Jenny said...

Becky, you know what they say:
PRACTICE makes perfect!!
I'm getting GOOD.

Alana said...

and when things do go your way... eat ice cream to celebrate!

Laureen said...

Do you remember the first time we went there? Jr. or Sr. year of ARHS?