Saturday, July 31, 2010

So it's true.

I've become my mother.

I bat my eyes when someone says something flattering,
I secretly wish for what we used to mock my mother about (happy children)
I cross my legs when someone says something funny,
I feed the hungry masses
my garden: she PRODUCES!
and you should SEE my kitchen.

It's a happy disaster.
In the past two days it has produced
two peach pies
nectarine smoothies for everyone
cucumber slices (mandatory) before every meal
(If we don't eat at least a dozen a day, they start attacking)
14 loaves of zucchini bread
a double batch of chocolate chip cookies
and an entire weekend's worth of dirty dishes... artfully piled up in the double sink.

It's official.
Call me Priscill-er.


Janssen said...

14 LOAVES! Wow, that is awesome.

LL said...

to be called PRisciller is a compliment!
AWESOME!!! I like the mandatory cucumber slices, we need to practice that over here.

Becky said...

And you are just NOW figuring that out? Jenilla? :)

Corinne said...

I don't realize how much I am my Mom until I see her move and talk and laugh and then it hits me... I am soooo much like my Mom. I am not complaining.

Anonymous said...

And you do not sleep in even on Saturdays

Jenny said...

but sometimes I DO go back to bed... I definitely log more sleep than you.

By the way--Dub grew little wings and became the kitchen fairy last night. He had his little minions working effortlessly under his influence, and it was sparkly clean before bedtime!
He's a keeper.

Jo Jo said...

Mandatory cucumber slices now in effect over here, thank you very much. I canned tomatoes and thought how much I'm like her as well. It's definitely a good thing.

The Mormon Monk said...

Jen! I mean Mom! When can I come back?

shirlgirl said...

Oh, your kitchen sounds wonderful with all those great baking aromas even though you might have a sink full of dirty dishes. Glad Dub had the kitchen all cleaned up for you. If you are getting an abundance of cucumbers, let me know. I can make Bread and Butter pickles!! Haven't made any in a couple of years and have had to buy--perish the thought--Mt. Olive B&B pickles which are good, by the way.