Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wheatberry Salad on the side

the main course? 
(of course)
Would YOU cook in this heat?
Wheatberry salad is my new favorite food storage dish.
You boil the life out of the wheat until it forms soft "berries."
Drain and rinse the wheat and add finely chopped veggies (here I added onion, celery and red pepper) and your favorite tangy dressing.  It's even better after a day of soaking up the flavors.  Most of my kids don't love it, but it makes ME happy... and isn't that what we're all aiming for here?!


Marilyn said...

So how many hours did you boil it, I did this YEARS ago so can't remember.

Jenny said...

I only boiled it about an hour, but I'll bet if you use a pressure cooker, it'd take less time.

By the way, I only cooked two cups of wheat, and we were eating this salad for a week.

Michael Stokes said...

Don't worry Roger. I am rushing over the pop tarts!!!!


Becky said...

I change my mind...Dub's shirt doesn't scare me anymore...THIS does.