Friday, July 2, 2010

parts of today included

some other parts of today included sending girls to Plimoth Plantation, losing my temper over the phone, sending boys to the Red Sox game, eating ice cream after lunch, serving salad and freezer-surprise rolls  for dinner and holding hands with Dub while we WALKED together from the car to the ice cream window.  It was an ice cream day.


Janssen said...

I have to say, it's almost impossible for me to imagine you losing your temper. Glad to know you're human :)

LL said...

i'm with Janssen. You don't lose your temper...DO YOU?! :)
Looks like a BUSY day!

shirlgirl said...

At least you're relaxing with cat in lap and a book. Boy to I miss my Lily girl. She's been gone since the 19th of May. I just got her remains from Angell. My neighbor will make an urn for her ashes in the fall.
I can't imagine you losing your temper--must have been something to really upset you to do that. There are times when we just have to let off steam.

Becky said...

I think we need a post on WHY you lost your temper over the phone. :)

Bub said...

Horray for Cherry Hill, Red Sox, and Plimoth Plantation. That's what I call living the life :)
Love you tons!