Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The shirt

When this shirt comes out of the closet,
Mr. Dub is in PAR-TAY mode.
He calls it his party shirt.
The kids like to refer to it as
the salsa shirt.
Either way,
this is a man who speaks to us with his wardrobe.

Like a fine wine,
Dub insists it just gets better with age.
Bad shirts are one of his endearing qualities.
It's a VINTAGE 1992.
The shirt IS a party...
We love a good PARTY!!


LL said...

the rip in his shirt makes me think you guys are PARTY ANIMALS!

Anonymous said...

looks like it needs a MIMI touch.
I love to recycle and use it up, but it needs help.

Becky said...

Oh dear...THAT scares me.

Marilyn said...

Are you sure he isn't related to Michael?

Alana said...

Hey, isn't that right after your son THAT IS ABOUT TO GO ON A MISSION, was born?

Jenny said...

Alana, YES. VINTAGE. The shirt was born to us in 1992. Our missionary was born in 1991. At what point does the shirt start making us money?... that's what I want to know.