Monday, December 29, 2008

Please wait, I'm coming!

First the ice storm.
On to an important birthday and baptism.
Then the Christmas rush after the ice storm power outage.
Relief Society stuff scattered on top.
Intermixed with ten days of house guests (who were helpful and FUN)
and now the looming New Year's ice skating event
(which you are ALL invited to: 7 to midnite-ish bring something to share)
... please; Let me catch my breath, and I'll be posting something soon!
P.S. I'm still dribbling out our family Christmas cards... and catching up on bills.
I'll hopefully be done with that job before New Year's!
It's all good stuff. Just a lot of it at once.
I've MISSED you!!


Michael Stokes said...

unacceptable! Just because you have six kids and a husband [counts as 2 kids], in-laws, relief society president is not an excuse for shirking your duty to the public. Readers have rights too :-)

Jenny said...

I know! So read and re-read this post... it might be awhile before anything more meaty than this shows up~

ChefTom said...

Jenny, I miss you back, so please hurry back. I wish I could be there for NYE, but I will send warm thoughts your way.

Jane said...

I so wish we were coming for New Years Eve! And I have missed your daily blessings... But I guess I will let you off of the hook.

Please take lots of pictures of the skating, I can't wait to see it.

shirlgirl said...

I've missed your daily blessing. Glad you wrote today. You sent us two Christmas cards with two pictures of the family!! You made doubly sure that we received them, and thank you. Missed you Christmas Day. Hope Mr. M is feeling much better. Happy New Year to all of you. Oh, tonight I pulled apart three lobsters which I had cooked at the local grocery store. I am going to fix a lobster casserole for me and Uncle D for New Year's Eve along with shrimp cocktail. We'll have string beans and a salad with sparkling cider and ice cream/yogurt for dessert later. Yum!! Love, Aunt Shirley

LL said...

OK. I agree with Stokes, what's your problem ;)

We'll wait for you Jen...we love you AND your posts. Just please try to hurry, it's rude to make people wait too long :)

Becky said...

We'd like to add to your chaotic life and come to your party...I'm thinking Steve is expecting a little 'something, something'...aka: hooch!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Great Post! Come enter the giveaway on my blog :)

The Mormon Monk said...


You know what I'm bringing to your ice-skating-party to share, right?