Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve-ing to you!

We will be making a gingerbread house,
sledding on our bottoms down the snow chutes in the backyard,
trekking to 'Cherry Hill' for sledding fun,
digging out the big snow cavedrinking plenty of hot chocolate,
acting out the Nativity before dinner,
exchanging homemade gifts,
watching It's a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart,
and I will be roasting my buns by the fire with this frosty snowman:
What will you be doing on this eve?


LL said...

Sounds like a great Christmas Eve.
We will be spending time with friends/family enjoying lots of fun traditions...and eating of course.
Keep those buns toasty...nothing worse than cold buns :)

ChefTom said...

I bet frosty your snowman melts by the fire...

Have a great Christmas Eve and Day.

Smilin' sunshine said...

We will also be with friends and family and hopefully doing LOTS of eating!

Merry Christmas and don't melt. That would be sad!

shirlgirl said...

I am still in my p.j.'s and am going to eat my breakfast. Then I'll shower, get dressed, and iron my Christmas tablecloth for the dining room, polish the silver service, make some breads for my next door neighbors, marinate some ribs for dinner,make a breakfast casserole for Christmas morning brunch in Belmont, go to church for 10:30 service and then home to a warm bed and dream of sugar plum fairies dancing on my bed.

Joy said...

We will start the day cleaning the messy messy toy room because santa does not come to mess kids, and kids who can not give toys away they dont play with any more. Then we will play in the snow eat cookies and drink hot chocolate. I will run and then we go to the store were the kids will buy eachother Christmas gifts. Then we will sink our teeth into our traditional dinner of pizza! :)

Schenewarks said...

We will be caroling to someone else's neighbors, visiting Christmas eve service at someone else's church, and opening one present from somebody else.

Becky said...

Please....PLEASE let no one get hurt on your sledding adventure. Keep those buns nice and toasty eat lots of yummy food. We'll be delivering presents to lots and lots of families tonight. My buns will be COLD! :)

Paul Ross said...

We love your blog and all the wonderful family news. We had friends for dinner Christmas eve and went to the 10:00 pm Christmas service. We sang Silent Night by candlelight and it was beautiful. When we left church, we drove home with the sunroof open because it was so warm. We spent Christmas day with Tom, Catherine, Sam and Spencer. What fun. We had fun playing games on the wii. Love, Aunt Johann and Uncle Paul