Thursday, December 11, 2008

And so the winter fun begins.

Do not wait to be invited.
The rink is up.
Our hot chocolate supply is good.
(We're waiting for it to get cold again so the water will freeze)
Pack up your skates, wear warm socks and come on over!
If your timing is right, we might even have cookies!


Anonymous said...

What good memories your children will have!
As a child I had to walk back to school (the pond was directly across from it) about a mile.
But I went often.
I used to take you and Amy quite often to that same pond with your own little skates. All stopped when we moved west.

ChefTom said...

What cool winter fun, I also love your house.

LL said...

Our rink has not been set up this year, we might have to head North.
Then you can come here to sled :)

Darleen said...

Hey there! Great rink. Perhaps I could ship some of our 35 centimetres of snow and -24 degree celcius weather your way. One other note. I notice that most of your postings are within the hours of 5:00am & 6:00am. Do you ever sleep?


Schenewarks said...

Fun! Hopefully we'll get to use it sometime in the future, probably not this winter.

Jane said...

So cool!! I'll pack up the skates and head on over.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your house!! It is so pretty. I am going to come see it in person one day.

shirlgirl said...

Looks like R Jr. is giving instructions on how to set up the rink--so funny! I gave my skates away a long time ago. I don't think I'd even chance ice skating these days. You'll have to hide the cookies from the cookie monsters!

ChefTom said...

Jenny IS the cookie monster!!!

Becky said...

You're a good mom, that seems like too much work year after year. Thanks for sharing with us when we're there though. Reserve us a room for the 26-28th of this month! :)

ChefTom said...

I was thinking about trying that here, but water sports aren't as fun in the winter.

Janae said...

Don't keep the light on, but we want to come!!!

Christy said...

FUN FUN FUN! We had one up last was so wonderful..
If I can't find the energy this year, as they are a Labor of Love for sure...we will have to visit!