Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss E...

Eight years old! How can it BE?!
Just yesterday, we brought you home for Christmas.
You were our best present EVER!
You captured my heart
and grew up with ease
you followed your sisters wherever you pleased
You're quick with a smile
and smart--don't forget it
you're an artist, a chef, an athlete and moreYou're thoughtful of others and quick to laugh
You love adventure

and treat each day like a new one.

You still like pink.

And you love to be hugged, kissed and to climb on my lap.
Don't you ever stop. I love you Em!


ChefTom said...

Happy number 8 Miss E!!! Halfway to dating age AND driving age. Start asking to borrow the van now, just to practice for when you are old enough to need it. Have a great day and eat an extra piece of cake for me.

Paul Ross said...

Happy Birthday Emily. 8 years old and such a pretty girl. Today is a special day for you and we are thinking of you. Have fun in the snow....more is on the way. We love you, Aunt Johann and Uncle Paul

LL said...

She is SO adorable!!! I found a cute picture of her and Anna ice skating last year.
Happy Birthday E!!!
Eight is GREAT, at least that's what they tell me :)

shirlgirl said...

Happy Birthday, Emily. Love all the pictures your Mom posted today. Have lots of fun today. I know you were supposed to be baptized this afternoon. Is that still going to happen with all this bad weather? If so, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you. Aunt Shirley and Uncle David

Christy said...

Happy birthday! We have an 8 year old this Christmas too! What a gift is right! (very fun blue frosting in that picture..what was that event?)
So glad you are up and running again BTW! Sorry about the cats.. up for a pet trade?

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl! You and my Aly would make great friends. How about you tell your Mom to bring you over so you can meet, and play together.
Have the best happy birthday ever. I loved seeing the pictures. Makes me feel like I know your little sweetie.

Schenewarks said...

Happy Birthday Emily! Everything your Mom said about you is so true. We love you, and are glad you're part of our family.

Emily said...

I keep looking back to this post!
I love it so much.


Miss E said...

they grow up so fast! I can`t beelieve I used to look like that I`ve changed so much! I used to be so cute!