Wednesday, December 24, 2008

cookie Tuesday

We were busy little elves yesterday, and I must be tired.
Because here is what I dreamt about after going to bed.
I had relinquished ownership of two tree-naughty cats, and became the proud owner of two little doggies, one of them bequeathed to me by Ms. Christy, of this blog.
The dogs were Dottie and Beans.
I was so confident that the dog thing was a good idea, that I took them grocery shopping with me. (Did I think they were going to load my bags for me? Not really sure)
I shopped proudly while they were scampering about the store, and then when it was time to leave, they started to give me some resistance, and I had to wrangle the two of them into a choke-hold to get them back to the car. I woke up at that point, with a very sore shoulder (that part was sadly very real), and convinced that it was Dottie and Beans' fault.


ChefTom said...

Is this one of those dream sequence blogs? I am so confused, did you rid yourselves of the furry doorstops or are they still haunting the thoughts of Christmas present?

Smilin' sunshine said...

That is pretty funny. You could just have no animals at all and you wouldn't have those dreams and your tree could still be intact!

shirlgirl said...

The cookies look great--do you have any left? Your dream was really funny--wait'll Christmas morning. Would love to see the cats in action then!! We didn't put up a tree this year. Uncle D called yesterday to say, "Gee, we don't have a tree yet." I told him not to bother because I didn't feel like lugging all the boxes down from the attic and bringing them back to the attic. I don't have any kiddos to help me, so the ceramic tree is what is in the living room--same as last year! I'll just enjoy everyone else's trees. Have a wonderful Christmas, and see you in Belmont!

Schenewarks said...

Yum! How long are those cookies going to last? Do they mail well?

Becky said...

Okay...for a minute, I thought that was really true - my delerious brain was playing tricks on me. So you really DON'T have dogs and your cats are still wrecking your tree. FUN! Sorry your shoulder is hurting. :(

Marilyn said...

I can never remember my dreams, maybe that is a good thing. If those cookies tasted as good as they looked then they must have been great!