Friday, September 27, 2013

Yearbook Photos: How do you choose just one?

Sweet Mesquite is a Senior.
She's in her LAST year of High School!
(how did this happen?)
There will be a lot of important events and milestones this year.
This week we crossed an important one off the list:
Senior Portraits.
Months ago I asked my talented friend if she would be our photographer.  Lucky for us, she was up for the picture party.
She was GREAT!
Not only did she take pictures, she helped with the hair.
Hair is important on picture day.
 She made Mesquite feel like a princess.
It was FUN!
(even when we thought we might get run over by a TRAIN)
We're just so happy with the results.
We've been gazing at them for days.
And to our Senior: You're a BEAUTY!!
inside and out.

9 comments: said...

Those pictures look so good. I might need to hire your photographer too!

Smilin' sunshine said...

Those pictures turned out great! What a beautiful daughter you have!!

Jo Jo said...

They're wonderful! What a fun thing to do! I didn't do with Tanner.

LL said...

You know whats FUN---photographing beautiful people!
Even more FUN--hanging out with your guys.
And the most fun of all...running from trains :-)
This Senior girl is absolutely gorgeous....and it really does radiate from the inside out!

The Mylers said...

i love the pictures & the girl!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely beautiful, inside and out! The pics turned out fantastically- im friends with a model! :)
<3/ the bff

shirlgirl said...

The pictures are beautiful! How do you choose? So hard, I'm sure. She is beautiful, and where did the time go? Didn't she just have her first birthday?

Alana said...

She's just beautiful. Love these photos. She's so great. Hope she has an awesome senior year.

ellen said...

she's beautiful, the photos are beautiful (I love the last one) and it's beautiful that you didn't get hit by a train. :)