Tuesday, September 10, 2013

There's a new (old) girl in town

 Mr. Dub has long wanted to own an old convertible.
Nothing too shiny, nothing too fancy.
His requirements were:
a convertible
a purchase price that fit a modest budget, 
 built in the 1960s, 
seating for six.  
Now that Yonder and Enrique have flown the coop, finding a convertible to fit the above requirements has become a reality.
Meet Angela:
She's a 1968 Chrysler Town and Country.
With the fake wood sides.
A classic.
She came with a lot of excess baggage which I got to drive home (didn't feel quite so exhilarating driving home a mini van full of old engine parts).
 Angela needs some work.
Over the winter she'll probably get a new coat of paint and some detail work.  For now, we're driving around town in our kitschy new convertible.  She's an exciting new addition.


Jo Jo said...

I love it1 The stuff you don't know about those you love! what else is on the docket?

Darleen said...

How fun is that!!! Keep on enjoying before the snow flies.

Alana said...

She even matches your house. What a fun buy.

shirlgirl said...

I was going to say the same thing as Alana--same color as your house. Have fun with the new wheels!