Thursday, September 5, 2013

(end of) week-at-a-glance

 Garden Produce!  Lots of it.
Sorry about poor picture quality.  My camera's been out of commission of late.  I'm grateful for the cell phone.
I have at least a bushel of tomatoes laid out on the table waiting to be sauced.  Green peppers, cukes, beans... pay dirt.
Here's how today's veggie-laden batch was put together.  I even used local honey as the sweetener.   
 High School Soccer!
It has begun.  Rooney (our freshman) is on the varsity team. Here's how that went down in our little town:  In August 19 girls tried out.  I believe you can officially roster 20 girls on a Varsity team. Which means we didn't have enough bodies to even form a JV or Freshman team.  I'm blaming it on Field Hockey.  And attrition.  And, well, living in a small town.   Last year there were 12 senior girls on the team.  This year?  There are actually two eighth graders to round out our very young numbers.  We have three senior players this year.  I think we'll call this a developmental year.   Whichever way you slice it, it's pretty exciting to be playing at the varsity level as a ninth grader.  Being a spectator is pretty great too.
 Look at my freckle faced third grader!
Sporting his new specs.  He loves them.  I say if he gets any cuter, I'm going to be eating him for breakfast.
And finally, since I'm now an American Picker, here's another one of my cool finds from our barn date the other night.  It's a wringer.
I picked up a washboard last year at the Brimfield Fair.  I'm on the hunt now for a wooden wash tub.


Aaron H. said...

Are you two done with your mid-life crises yet? Barn junk and old cars? I'll pass.

shirlgirl said...

Aaron is too funny! I have a glass washboard that was my mother's. It is in GREAT shape, and I have used it on occasion for stubborn stains. Works great!

shirlgirl said...

Are you interested in old trunks? I have one that was my grandmother's and it's been here since her first visit in 1946. I have my father's Army trunk, too.