Monday, September 9, 2013

2013 Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk

The Boston Marathon has been a bucket list item for me.
 For a very long time.
I had given up on ever running it, because, well, 
the doctor told me I shouldn't.
I never even thought about walking it...
until this year when my sister Becky said she was going to walk it for the Jimmy Fund.
The race date was September 8th, 
which happens to be our parents' anniversary.  
52 years for them, and 
the 25th year for the walk.  
The Jimmy Fund raises money for Dana Farber, which is an organization dedicated to cancer treatment and research.  
Our dad started on his cancer journey ten years ago 
in the Halls of the Dana Farber Institute. 
 I'm so grateful for all that's been done for dad, 
and for the individuals who do it with such compassion.
We couldn't think of a better way 
to celebrate my parents' 52 years together, 
than by helping to contribute to such an important cause.
At 6:10 am we began our 26.2 mile walk.
It was a PERFECT day.
We were surrounded by amazing people 
and had tremendous support all along the way.
We talked, we laughed, we were inspired by the stories and the people and we just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
 We did a bit of running along the course, which felt great.  It's the Boston Marathon course, for goodness sake!  I mention that because the light running actually helped alleviate some of our stiff parts in the later miles.  We had sore muscles, achy joints, blister pain and we trudged through it, talking about those who suffer through chemo and radiation and the fall-out associated with cancer treatment.  It was a humbling journey.  I couldn't have asked for a better walking partner.  
We couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
The day after 26.2?
I can hardly move without pain.
I know it will be gone in a day or two.
Like some, I won't have to fight it for weeks, months or years.
A gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who helped support us.
YOU are why our walk was possible.
I'm gonna keep my walkin' shoes on.
I can't wait to sign up for NEXT year.


Anonymous said...

The most PAINFUL fun I have ever had. Thanks for taking this journey with me, Jen. I can't wait for next year!!! xoxo

Jo Jo said...

Great all the way around!

shirlgirl said...

Congratulations on a job well done! Glad you had such a beautiful day, too.

Alana said...

Love the DAD tape on the shirts, how creative. As always, wish I could have been there with you guys.

Darleen said...

So happy for you and your success. You're an inspiration to so many!

LL said...

I wondered the story behind incredibly touching!
What a great thing to do, and I love your's difficult and hurts, but nothing compared to cancer and chemo. WAY TO GO LADIES!!!