Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Drivers

As Sundays and weather go, today was a 10.
I couldn't wait to get into Angela and take her for a ride.
We drove around town (Mr. Dub and I). I was having such a lovely time, I just wanted to keep on driving.
Mr. Dub made it happen.
We stopped by the house, picked up kids and blankets, and drove 40 minutes to Northboro so my parents could get a look and go for a spin.
 It was my dad's idea to drive over to Ben's grave.
They take such good care of their grandson.
I'm pretty sure Ben thinks the new ride is pretty great too.


Alana said...

Even Gracie is happy in that car. Looks like a treat.

LL said...

this weather....LOVE IT!
That fun!
And your parents taking such great care of Ben...the best!

shirlgirl said...

The seniors look like they're having a great time sitting in Angela, and Ben's grave site looks lovely. What fun for your folks.