Tuesday, March 12, 2013


This morning I drove my high school bus rider out to the mailbox.  It's pitch black outside again when the bus comes.  Thank you Daylight Savings. (I don't mind--I love that we now have daylight until almost 7:00 pm.)  She told me she had a dream last night that she was dodging stuffed animals being thrown at her in the family room by the Beatles.  In black and white.  In the next dream she was confronting a wall-eyed Zombie-Paul McCartney at the tree fort in the back yard.  He was oozing and melting in true Zombie form, the tree fort was disintegrating and falling off the tree and her younger sister was filming it all on Dub's new high-tech clock, spouting off with snappy phrases like "Now that's how it's done".
When I woke up the eight-year old he moaned "Ooooohhhh not yet Mom... I was fishing!"
Today the Cardinals sequester themselves at the Vatican to vote on the new Pope.
This morning's Wall Street Journal (which I perused while the middle school student was waiting for her bus) had a front page story that made me laugh.  It's title: "March Madness, Vatican Style: Who'll Come Out of the Sweet Sistine?"
Scrambled Eggs and Melon for breakfast.  With a cookie dough chaser.
Happy Tuesday!

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