Tuesday, March 19, 2013

let's not talk about snow...

...the 15+ inches of snow we've received so far today, and the fact that it's still snowing...
Thank you, purple circle.
Instead, let's talk about Spring.
Spring officially arrives tomorrow.
It will arrive here under a blanket of white.
When the Spring blossoms finally emerge, it will be GLORIOUS.
Enrique is here on his Spring Break.
He comes home mostly to catch up on his sleep, I think.
And to strum his ukulele.
Sunday night it fell to him to lead us in a family activity.
He chose yoga.
Picture the seven of us in tree pose (vrksasana), becoming (maybe uncomfortably) aware of group mind and body functions.
It's good to have him home.
Also hanging out at home are my vegetable seedlings.
I was hoping to have them transplanted outside this week, sheltered in a temporary greenhouse.
The greenhouse isn't made to stand up under two feet of wet, heavy snow, so we've postponed the transition until we can see bare ground again.
Patience, little sprouts.


Jo Jo said...

It is good to see him! Ukelele and yoga are both awesome!

shirlgirl said...

Nice way to enjoy spring break--a nap and shoveling snow!! Your seedling is looking very healthy.

LL said...

We sat inside and ignored it all...

Michael Stokes said...

Also snowed in, I was watching Fox News at noon yesterday when the two towns they decided to profile for accumulation of snow was Lunenburg and Lynnfield. Imagine my surprise! What's the odds of two little towns with populations between 10k and 12k?!

I love snow, but I believe spring is today; wouldn't know it by looking outside

Jenny said...


Alana said...

Yoga is SO good for the body I think. Can you just hear God saying to you "patience little sprout." Your garden is going to be magnificent.