Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard update

We all had the day off yesterday, courtesy of the blizzard.
The Governor issued a driving ban.
No one was allowed to be on the roads after 4pm.
The snow started coming down at about 6:30am.
By Noon, it looked like this:

 At bedtime the winds had really started to pick up, and the snow started to come down a little heavier.
 We were excited to wake up this morning, and look out at this:
The snow is still falling, and the winds are whipping. 
We haven't ventured out yet; the snowfall is predicted to end in a few more hours.  Then we'll get busy with snow removal.  Mr. Dub checked everyone's muscles this morning, and it looks like everyone has been deemed CAPABLE (of wielding a snow shovel).
Hooray for snow!


shirlgirl said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! Isn't it amazing how much snow fell from yesterday to today? Yikes!! The sun is shining--coming in through my den window--nice to see that. Happy shoveling, everyone.

Michael Stokes said...

I should of check my muscles before moving the snow. man I am sore and still not done.

Glad you guy didn't loose power

Jo Jo said...

Holy snow! My we're green over here!

Jo Jo said...

We're back for another look!

shirlgirl said...

Let's truck all our snow to Amy Jo's!!

Alana said...

Wowzers! That's a lot of snow batman.