Thursday, August 23, 2012

soaking up summer

It's almost gone... (summer)
I've loved the freedom from routine, relaxing with the kids, taking trips with the family, the fresh garden produce, trying new things and giving myself permission to slow down.
I told my daughter on the way to the lake this week (when she thought we might arrive late) "There's no such thing as late on a day of relaxation."
And you can quote me.
Soon enough we'll have to worry about staying on schedule; for a few more days, we're going to try to relax our way out of what's left of this glorious summer.


ellen said...

I've loved working.

LL said...

EP just made me LAUGH hard.
I'm with you...I feel like I'm trying to drink it all in fast because we're about to head in to the relaxation DESERT. :(

Jo Jo said...

I'm in the desert and I'm already parched! Love that pic...NH?

Jenny said...

Jo Jo--not NH; just around the lake from us, as a matter of fact; a five minute commute.