Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My new part-time job (fasten your seat-belts and enjoy your supplementary reading)

Today marked the genesis of our back-to-school transition.
Look at our newest 8th grader!
She will be attending classes at the High School this year.
(thank you, newly established school consolidation plan)
 This cute sixth grader is a first-timer at the Middle School.
 And look out second grade!
Despite rain at the bus stop, 
his year looks to be kicking off with the cosmos aligned.
 After sending the travelers safely to their destinations via three separate buses for the first three hours of my morning, I have now added Flight Attendant to my resume.  I have caught the vision of my morning and afternoon routine for the next ten months.  Besides meeting the basic job requirements, I can pack the bags and stand at the departure gates like nobody's business.

In between the departures and arrivals for today?
Sweet Mesquite and I made a day of it.
The upper class-men start tomorrow.
We relaxed, (no camera) we practiced driving, we "shopped" at the library and we lunched out.
She's a gem, and I was grateful to have an extra day with her alone.
Before we knew it, the school trippers were due back.

First came Roonie.
She had a LOT to say about High School.
It was good.
 An hour later, Leeli came home with a glowing report.
 She had a GOOD day.
And also had a lot to say!
I shuffled the first one back to the High School for soccer practice and came home just in time to meet some of my very favorite travelers who are off to a very important meeting in Tampa.  
Their's will be an exciting journey. 
 We will watch Gracie, the royal dog.
 Finally, our last arrival appeared and was happy to be greeted by an enthusiastic crowd.
 And here's the irony; because really, a good story must have irony:
 He had NOTHING to tell the rest of us about 2nd grade.
He might be off to check the overhead bins for something more interesting than a bunch of seemingly impertinent women.
(Please exit through the doors on your right.)


Sherry said...

I do not envy you and the mult-timed starts. My brother has four kids in four different schools this year. (Their town has a junior elementary and a senior elementary. Then of course the middle and high schools.)

As a parent I sort of dread sending my kid off to school - but by the looks of the Interwebs, it can be a lot of fun.

LL said...

this post made me LAUGH!
loved everything about it.
and I'm thrilled that your dad is feeling well enough to go and do.

Jo Jo said...

I'm loving the flight attendant analogy. I was looking foward to the fasten your seat belt speech ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenny! This was so much fun! Second grade boys and Freshman in college and First year Band teachers have alot in common!

Christy said...

As someone who was a "paid" flight attendant at one stage in my life, I can truly say that your current job is much harder, and the people less grouchy to work with, but will also get you greater benefits on its reward plan!

Pam Flint said...

Having four in the same school, we only have one start time (but I'd not complain if Daniel were still here to give us two start times). However, we've added soccer for three boys this year. I wish I were in a position to homeschool again.

Doran & Jody said...

What a fabulous day for them...well most of them.

Hey! Do you think if I came to your house after work every day I could get me a plate of cookies and milk?

shirlgirl said...

Glad they all had a good day at school. Guess it was just "another day" for Mr. M. Love the picture of your folks. I'm excited for them. Wish Uncle David was here to enjoy the experience. I'm sure he is watching from above. Glad your Dad was feeling well enough to go. He was looking good on Saturday.

Becky said...

two thumbs up! :)