Saturday, August 18, 2012

lucky us

This morning at the breakfast table, the teenagers were becoming visibly annoyed by the antics of their seven-year-old brother.  Isn't it interesting that what strikes some as funny and cute can strike others as irritatingly obnoxious?  I quickly pointed out how lucky they were to have a younger brother... most of their peers, I pointed out, probably barely thrive in what must be a dull home life, because they lack the spontaneity a seven year old brings to the dinner table (in our case, breakfast), a car ride, family gatherings, etc.  I could see that they were pondering this, and then the conversation shifted elsewhere.  When we had all completely forgotten the topic, oh, maybe 5 or 10 minutes later, a rather witty and clever daughter brought to the table
"you don't know know how lucky you are to have an eleven year old sister."
True that, Leeli-pants.
We are lucky indeed.


Jo Jo said...

Very funny picture! Looks like her lip is pierced ;-) She was probably behind those sleepover feet as well!

LL said...

Jane WISHES every day for a Sister. And 11 year old sister would be PERFECT! :-)
You guys ARE lucky.

shirlgirl said...

She is quite bejeweled, isn't she! That must have been funny to see.

Doran & Jody said...


Yes! They need to be thankful.
I only have one brother and so wish I had a big family or even a sister!!