Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I just finished writing a three page letter to my favorite missionaries.
I've been BUSY!  

And I'm tired.

It was you, blog, or the letter, and the letter won.  I'm pretty good at sharing, so here's the cliff notes version:

I'm marking my four year anniversary of being the Relief Society President this month.  I love my job.  (Maybe I'll get a watch or a pen set.)

Last night a group of Relief Society Women gathered at my house to enjoy salads and chatting.  Because we now group any Relief Society gathering under the simple title of "R.S. Meeting," my official report is that our R.S. Salad Meeting was a success.

We've had house guests again, for the second time in less than a week, and I've thoroughly enjoyed cuddling with my newest little niece.  She's the most easy-going and good-natured baby I've been around since my own perfect children were her age.  Also, I neglected to warn our first house guest this week of the idiosyncrasies of the Inn, so I did not forget to let my sister-in-law know that:

-the hot water faucet in the guest bathroom does not work.  It's just there for good looks.

-the lid to the toilet seat is not actually fastened on.  If you go in to use the toilet in the middle of the night and unsuspectingly pick up the lid, it will fall off the commode in a very noisy and sleep-disrupting fashion, clanking onto the tile floor and waking everyone in the adjoining rooms.

-also, the toilet seat is barely holding on by a small plastic thread, and if you sit down too forcefully, you'll be taking a bonus ride.  (it doubles as an amusement park ride!)

-the water in the shower pools around your ankles and drains very slowly.

-the guest shower is the only shower in the house that EVERYONE uses, because the alternate shower has lousy water pressure.  This means while you assume you'll be taking a quiet and private shower, there may be up to seven people banging on the door asking you not to use all the hot water, and to hurry up so they can have their turn.

Who knew that having guests could be so... um, humbling?  Our pool is ill.  I'm working on the Rx for saving the last of the summer swimming.  The tomatoes are multiplying; faster than we can consume them.  Lucky us!  Our week has been taken over by Marching Band Camp, Tennis Camp, Stuffing envelopes for the High School back-to-school mailing, and gatherings.

May your week be filled with a list of things that bring you equal amounts of humility and joy.



Sherry said...

I like to joke that I run a mini-hotel around here, basically ever since we bought the house. I really should keep a tally of how often people stay.

Thankfully the house doesn't have any crazy quirks yet - the people, on the other hand...

(P.S. Our missionary came home last night! At 11! He missed the final leg of his flight and then didn't make the next one because he was on standby but finally made the third leg. The welcoming party was significantly smaller than originally anticipated, but it was still fun!)

Doran & Jody said... you are telling me that when I come for a visit. I need to either bring my own "seat" or prepare for a ride. How bout you get a walker to put right in front so people can hang on?

Sounds like your shower would be good for after those long runs and you need to soak your feet.

See! I told you that you do fun things around your house!!

shirlgirl said...

Looks like you need an early Christmas present--a new toilet seat, and Roto-rooter to clear out your shower drain. All that long hair in your household has probably stopped up the pipes. Maybe Enrique should become a plumber so that you can get freebies!! Your blog made me chuckle--always can use a good chuckle on a daily basis.