Monday, April 25, 2011

permission (to fail)

I was getting awfully snappy this afternoon.
Could it be a week of school vacation with five kids?
A travelling husband?
Easter for 20?
(where you leave the ham in the oven to bake at room temperature while you're at church)
Avoiding the mountain (seriously.  a MOUNTAIN.) of laundry in the laundry room?
Reflecting on the Relief Society lesson from yesterday with an emphasis on relationships and simplicity when you're driving children around like the mad-taxi-mom?
No shower?
Having kids turn up their noses at the delicious homemade ham and bean soup I made for dinner?
Listening to my daughter scold me for not have Family Home Evening tonight, and threatening to tell our Home Teacher on us?
Maybe it's just the rain.
Either way, I stole away to the tub and asked Mr. Dub in my best military voice:
Permission to fail, SIR!
And he knew.
And lovingly replied: permission GRANTED.


LL said...

this made me smile!
You're CUTE!!!

VW Family said...

This is why I love you, you're so wonderful and so human all at the same time. :)

Alana said...

Fail nothing, you're the most demanded commodity in the household.

Michael Stokes said...

Having been the recipient of the wonderfully baked ham and other kindnesses a special dispensation is granted and the lesson on service acknowledged [demonstrated by feeding your home teachers] for FHE week of April 24.

Your grateful home teachers

PS: isn't it great to know that a few questions every month have instilled the need for family home evening. Now, there's an Ensign article

shirlgirl said...

Sometimes we have to take time for ourselves and let things go by the wayside. You do a lot for your children, and your daughter could have had FHE if you weren't up to it. As for the soup, they could have been eating cereal. The soup sounded good to me. And the weather--I'm tired of it. Need sun and warmth!! Have a good week. Love, Aunt Shirley

Aaron H. said...

The Dub just surprised me at work with a muffin. He's the man.

Doran & Jody said...

Ahhh....don't you just love it when our best friend is on our side when we have days like this?

Jenny said...

I may have to re-name the Dubster "Muffin Man."

Becky said...

You pretty much rock the cazba'. Fail-shmail. xo

Jo Jo said...

Rally the troops and get more help!

April said...

It's good to know we all have days like that :)