Saturday, April 2, 2011

let's poke a little fun

Enrique won't mind (too much)
Let me tell you about his weekend so far.
Friday morning (remember April 1st?).
He woke up at 5:15am to shower for seminary, and was ready-to-go just in time to learn of the cancellation of seminary, (Mother Nature; she's SO tricky!) and the two-hour delay to the school day.
He never went back to sleep.
After school he raced to submit a scholarship application, applied for a lifeguarding job and then loaded the car full of rock band paraphernalia  and headed to the high school for a music department lock-in.
Here's the thing.
He also got to attend a really fun show in Worcester and then return to the lock-in, where he stayed up ALL.NIGHT.LONG. eating sugary foods and playing games with his friends.
Lock-in ended at 7am, but his waking did not.
No, it didn't.
He had a commitment at the school from 8-10.
He then worked his shift at the donut shop from 11-5.
He made it home, bag of tips in hand, just in time to catch the last couple of conference talks, and honestly, we really should have been paying less attention to the screen, and more to how many seconds it took him to do this:
 ...and when his hand full of tips never moved,
 the temptation for SOMEone became too great.
The first words he spoke when he woke up?
"Where's my money?"
And then he got an hour-long nap and went happily (I may or may not be using that word liberally) off to the Priesthood session of General Conference with the rest of the guys.
Here's to a full night's sleep!


LL said...

"where's my money?" is the first thing I always say when I wake up :-)
I can't believe he can go on like that without sleep...I'm glad he finally got some shut eye!

Smilin' sunshine said...


What a good one!

Jo Jo said...

Funny! Mine would have said the same thing. That was a long time without sleep. Bet he felt it today

Becky said...

Poor Enrique. Sleep is my friend. No wonder he was snoring on the floor during conference yesterday. (I would be too)