Saturday, April 16, 2011

I do love weekends.

I love having my mom drop by, unexpectedly, for breakfast!
I love hanging out with my daughter on her third day home sick from school, when it's more about rest and recovery, and less bout being sick.
I love having a clean room!  It was a project that took most of the day and yielded three full paper bags of recycle and one big bag of trash.  Ahhh.
Making s'mores.  By the fire.  INside.


shirlgirl said...

Must be feeling better to eat s'mores. Good for you for cleaning out a room. I have lots of that to do myself.

Whitney Johnson said...

I love this post!

And the picture of you with your kids in the sidebar!

Doran & Jody said...

Oh slurp those S'mores!
What a way to be sick.

Jo Jo said...

Fun to have Mom! I am trying to get her to weekend with us the 7th

Becky said...

You cleaned your room?!? I'm proud of you! :)