Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a peek at Panama

Transfers have come and gone again, and Yonder bid farewell to Elder Guevarra (Honduras), who is off to other parts.  There were a few changes made to the area of Pedregal where he serving.
 Two additional missionaries were added, bringing the total to four, which meant a move to a bigger house.  He loves it.  He claims to be living in the mansion house of the mission.
He also likes the pool of characters/personalities that living with two additional missionaries brings.
 This is his new companion, Elder Villacres from Ecuador.
 The Landlord has taken to Yonder, and is making sure his skill set is expanding.
He has been teaching him some carpentry, fishing, cabinet work and is apparently keeping him up on his bread-making as well.


shirlgirl said...

Great pictures, and glad he is enjoying his new "digs" and having fun as well as enjoying the new companions. Glad he is happy. He sure looks it. I'm sure he'll have lots to offer us on his return home. Also Yonder's new companion seems to be taller than the others he has had in the past. Sounds like he might be the cook of the group.

Becky said...

thanks for the peek into Panama! I'm glad he has a change for a little while...and I'm sure four makes things a little easier around the homestead. :)

LL said...

they must LOVE him!!!