Sunday, April 3, 2011

conference and cat tails

they all sat so nicely for General Conference.
Then we went outside for a couple of hours to play.
Oh, and Hey!
See that pile of snow in the lower left corner of the picture?
It's going quickly! (again)
Don't forget to add your guess to the pile before the pile-o-snow has melted away!
some Saturday conference feast favorites:

My husband’s funny remark during Elder Ballard’s talk ("seek the gift of charity"): “Silage Saves!”
The beautiful poem recited by Richard L. Maynes called “The Echo” (I think?)
"… twas a sheep, not a lamb...
...and why for the sheep should we seek?… 
...they lead the lambs astray… 
...when the sheep are lost what a terrible cost the lambs will have to pay."
As a parent, that one hit home for me.
How about Elder Nelson’s comment on “the cafeteria approach” to obedience? made me laugh.
Hooray for Quentin L. Cook!! I wanted to pause the internet and run to find my CAPE (of womanhood). Huzzah!
Can’t wait for more…


LL said...

...when the sheep are lost what a terrible cost the lambs will have to pay."
That REALLY stood out to me too. YIKES!
I LOVE this weekend!!!!

Jo Jo said...

Good summary! It was harder this year for me to take notes holding sweet baby so I"m looking forward to the Ensign!

Becky said...

We missed Saturday...can't wait to catch up this week!!! It was fun seeing you yesterday!

April said...

LOVED conference too! So many gems!!

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