Monday, January 3, 2011

today I'm treating myself to a card reader.

(Thanks, Jody, for the tip!)
It takes a village to raise me.
ALSO, I am grateful for my Christmas skirt, which I will probably wear-out from sheer love.
And because I'm going to pick it every Sunday morning until it becomes too warm to wear velvet.  
Last Sunday I had on black tights and a black sweater.  Versatility is a bonus~
Thanks, Mom!
And the tween-ager thanks you too; 
she just wasn't feeling photogenic at her post-church, pre-end-the-fast meal photo shoot.
And last, but CERTAINLY not least, THANK YOU Joy!  
For letting mom turn your curtains into Holiday attire and a newly upholstered chair.  I sat in it Saturday night, and had a hard time not stroking it's softness until I wore out the spot where my hand fell.
The last time I wore curtains (my 5th grade Christmas concert) I did not enjoy it even remotely as much.  
The other two girls did not happen to wear their match-y skirts to church today, so they missed the photo-op.  Their expressions might have been similar, so picture Blondie times three.


LL said...

How much fabric did Joy have on her windows? 4 skirts and a chair? FAB U LOUS!!!!

Jenny said...

Try EIGHT skirts, two little-girl dresses and a chair! There may even be some left-over. WoWie.

Aaron H. said...

What in the world does your title have to do with your post?

Smilin' sunshine said...

Aaron makes me laugh!!

Cute skirts! That sure is a lot of curtains!!

Becky said...

Make that TWO chairs, 8 skirts and two little girl dresses...with lots more leftover. Want a skirt LL? :)

Jo Jo said...

I'll be in on the skirt gifts someday. What's a card reader?

April said...

Lovin' the skirts!

shirlgirl said...

I couldn't believe all that your Mom made with that material! She really had that machine a buzzing, that's for sure. I sat in that lovely velvet chair, too. Pretty skirts, pretty ladies!