Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The calm between the storms

Winter has unpacked her bags and is not planning to leave very quickly... this has been an unbelievable and beautiful week of snow!  I'm feeling giddy and grateful that the ice that settled on top of all surfaces last night did not bring another extended power-outage with it.
There is, however,
Laundry.  Lots of laundry.
and Dishes.  They're like rabbits.
Cleaning bathrooms. I'll be procrastinating that until much later today.
Restocking the pantry and fridge.  Apparently we eat like ravenous beasts on snow days.  And now that we're cycling the stomach bug through the house, we could use some replenishing in the saltines, gingerale and popsicles departments.
Chipping and Scraping.
De-icing the steps and walkways (I'm off to the Depot for rock salt)
School!  For the three that went today, this is looking like maybe a VERY short week.


Smilin' sunshine said...

1. Glad you didn't get iced in.
2. Heard the stomach bug that is going around is NASTY.
3. Also heard we are supposed to get hard again on Friday. Could be a really short week!!

Becky said...

Short weeks are the BEST! :) Bring on the snow!!!

rad6 said...

some of your posts make me wish I lived in the snow... for about 3 minutes... then again they make me glad I dont!
It will only get to 60 degrees here today, a little chilly for me.
Your wimpy california friend!

shirlgirl said...

Sorry you've got the "bug" at your house. Hope everyone is feeling better. I just bought two bags of ice today for my front and back walks. Not looking forward to the next snow. The question is "where to put it" up on this hill. At least the rain has dwindled the piles down a little bit. Stay warm and safe!

LL said...

I feel like it's summer vacation....(with snow) I have to remind myself that we MIGHT have school each day.
I LOVE IT!!!!!! Happy Happy winter, bring on the snow!

Jo Jo said...

We're cheering on the snow tonight, although I am a proponent of having school ;-)