Tuesday, January 11, 2011

six days of work=one day of fun

On the beach in the Panama sun!
It's always good to hear from Yonder; his emails are a light in my week.
All the missionaries in his zone enjoyed some beach soccer and Frisbee after Christmas weekend. They went hunting for crabs, shells and other sea life-- He described holding a little octopus, and thought it was pretty cool to let it slip and slide around in his hands.  In his words, being on the beach was "beautiful, liberating and felt like paradise."
He calls this his "cancer tan"
I call him my fair-skinned farmer with a tan.
The smile on his face tells me he is enjoying the moment.
(A good fuel up for the work ahead)


Sherry said...

Isn't it so fun to hear from missionaries? The weekly email from my brother-in-law is the highlight of my Mondays.

LL said...

as I sit here freezing, I'm thinking Panama is looking like a great vacation. It's fun to see pictures!

shirlgirl said...

Great pictures. Sure do hope he is using a good sunscreen! Glad he had fun on the beach.

mckell.b.p.55 said...

The sister missionary (front, right) is from Utah State! :)

Becky said...

LOVE the pictures. So fun to see. I'd say more like 6 and a half days of work, 1/2 day of fun.

Jo Jo said...

Love hearing about his adventures. Such a great kid.

Doran & Jody said...

So glad he is doing good! Love to hear about his adverntures too!