Sunday, October 31, 2010

On Halloween

My best treat is knowing that my missionary is happy.
Here he is, in his trio companionship at the Missionary Training Center:
It reminded me that I was in a threesome during my time at the MTC.


Becky said...

Very cool that you both have experienced similar things. And your HAIR. It's super great!

Janssen said...

I'm with Becky. That hair is awesome.

LL said...

We were JUST talking about this. We have 3 sister missionaries in our ward and the Farmer was telling me about a his experience in the MTC with 2 comps.
I'm glad Yonder is happy. And I'm glad you have new hair ;-)

rebecca said...

My sister forwards weekly emails from her son who is serving in TX. I choke up with each one b/c I know what he is going through---the highs and lows--in Texas:). I can't imagine how it will hit me when it is my own child!

shirlgirl said...

Yonder looks very happy and glad that all is going well for him. Goodness, 1986--that was only yesterday, right!! Love the picture.