Friday, October 29, 2010

I do hang on to things...

except money, I guess.
Thanks, and a shout-out to my sister, who's skill of getting rid of stuff turns into my skill of collecting stuff.
We have enough Halloween costumes to dress a full-on kindergarten parade.
If you could live on dress-ups when a disaster struck, we'd be keeping the whole neighborhood alive.
Minutes before Morning Boy left for school, he was still deciding what to wear.
Thankfully, the Dracula cape (re-purposed witch dress) I stayed up too late sewing ended up being his final pick.  (Altho' if I could have chosen, he would have gone as Chef Boy-ar-dee!)
Off to school they all went this morning.
With my piano money in their pockets...
Fee for cap and gown.
Fee for yearbook blurb.
Fees for yearbooks.
Speaking of yearbooks, Enrique is in the Senior section this year.
How'd that happen?
Seems like yesterday we were off picnic-ing in the woods, celebrating his three short weeks in our family.
So that brings me back to my propensity to keep things far longer than I should.
See that lovely striped shirt I'm wearing?


Smilin' sunshine said...

It might be time to get rid of a few things, or turn them into a quilt! (Wait, I don't mean just that shirt, I mean all of it!)

LL said...

that shirt. I think Farmer had a pair of shorts that would match them PERFECTLY. I made him throw them out. I do love to throw things away...but I always hang on to good Halloween costumes.

Jo Jo said...

I'm lovin' the bang look. Hang onto that baby! I feel your pain with costumes. Three tubs, and nothing really extraordinary.

Alana said...

(Seems like you have a different hairdo in every picture you post.) I think hanging onto stuff must be in your genes- after all you are Pricilla's daughter "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I tried to save a couple of mission dresses, and pulled them out of my closet six months after coming home and was completely mortified that I'd ever worn those things in public. That was my NICE stuff.

I don't hang on to money very well either.

shirlgirl said...

I'd hate to tell you how long I've had things. I have a gown my mother made me in 1976 during the bicentennial. A few years ago, it came in handy for Denise's daughter, Allison. She wore it in a Thanksgiving play at school. I just had to shorten it five inches! I still have it.

Becky said...

I'll come throw and organize ANY.TIME.YOU.WANT! Feels good to unload. Where's the picture of Dracula?

Marilyn said...

Roger has hair!!!