Monday, October 18, 2010

Okay, I'm bad.

My room is NOT done.  But i have made progress.  And I believe that was the caveat.  To have made progress.  There are pieces of floor that are now recognizable as floor.  So here I am, in front of the blog so I don't have to look at my closet.
AND, besides.
We struck GOLD in our mailbox today!  How could I not share?  Pictures of the missionary.  OUR missionary.  And that makes all the difference.
Here he is, in his dapper missionary apparel, looking all photogenic and somewhat organized.  Clearly, he did not inherit THAT trait from me (altho' I'll claim the slender (but masculine) wrists that he hates and the striking blue eyes).
Behold the bunkmates.
Behold the towering blond.
My heart runneth over.
These two are companions.
Elder Mecham is from Las Vegas.
He's the district leader, so he holds the key to the PO Box for their group.
Also known as the GOLDEN KEY.
This is the district.
They spend 10-11 hours each day together, speaking Spanish.
Yonder will be the only one going to Panama.
They come from 
North Carolina, Arizona, California, Utah, Washington and Nevada (and Massachusetts!).
Next month they'll be going to just as many different and unique places in the world.


LL said...

FUN! Letters in the mail are the best....especially with photos.
He's looking mighty happy (and tall)
When you return to the cleaning of the room, let me know if you see any "furry things" ;-)

Zach Hutchins said...

Hey Jen--ask him where the one from NC is from (specifically), what his/her name is.

Doran & Jody said...

And the one from Arizona and Utah....

Becky said...

Love hearing from him and SEEING him. :) Hurry and make his blog!!!!

shirlgirl said...

Great pictures, and he really stands out being the only blonde in the crowd!

Jo Jo said...

Yeah! Love the updae. My suggestion? Keep it on this blog. He's part of the family and your life.