Friday, September 3, 2010

it was a working dinner

Serve, scoop, bite and chew.
It's Labor Day Weekend... WHAT will we do?
Dub pulled out the white board
and we had a brainstorming session while we ate.
Everyone contributed ideas,
all votes were counted
looks like we might have a working list~

stayed tuned.
(and meanwhile, have a GREAT Labor Day weekend!)


ellen said...

I guess M's not going to the fair. :(

Michael Stokes said...

I am truly concerned for my good friend Roger.

I believe his continuous meetings for work have spillover into home. Although a whiteboard for discussion over where to go and what to do it certainly efficient it somehow detracts from my family's approach of beating on each other until everyone agrees with me.

Certainly Rogers' approach is less bloody however, mine certainly drew us kids together… in a melee.

What do you say Aaron?

Jo Jo said...

Great idea!

Swimmingmom said...

Very cool! I love how everyone is included!