Friday, May 14, 2010

This is how we roll.

I almost kissed the school nurse yesterday.
Roonie hurt her hand at soccer practice on Wednesday evening.  Being the under-reactor that I am (contrary to my brother's nickname for me: ManicPanicJen), I brushed it off as a jam or maybe a sprain or something like that... we iced it, gave her some motrin and sent her to bed.  In the morning it was not feeling any better, and truthfully, it looked a little funky.  Swollen, discolored, and there was a kind of funny lump on the meaty part of her thumb.  I started to second guess my failure to react after practice the night before. 

We needed to be at the elementary school that morning (I volunteer there every Thursday), so off we went and I decided to have the nurse give me her opinion.  Of course the fifth graders were having their state-required testing that morning, so I knew she wouldn't be able to see her until at least lunch time.  After a pleasant discussion with the nurse (who agreed to take a look), I left a reminder note on her desk, just so she would remember to call her down later in the day.

'Round about 2pm, I was hanging denim on the clothesline (no picture here because I'm practicing self-restraint) and I realized that the nurse had not called yet.  I rang up the school, and upon inquiry, the nurse said "Oh!  I completely forgot."  THIS was the point at which, IF I had been standing in the school, I would have embraced her and planted a kiss on her cheek... SO thrilled was I about the fact that someone other than ME had forgotten to do something, that I felt strangely happy.  And I told her so.

Last week I forgot to show up for kindergarten screening.  (Luckily the admin there knows me well, and called 15 minutes into the appointment time to ask if we needed to reschedule, or did we still want to come?)
Wednesday morning I forgot to make sure I had a KEY with which to operate a vehicle... Four drivers, two cars and just NOT enough keys to go around makes for a lot of car-juggling.  We ended up missing a scheduled appointment that morning, and then had to call and beg for a ride to and from preschool for Morning Boy.
Despite the calendar, the lists and my sharp-as-a-tack memory, is it any wonder that my daughter, with panic in her voice asked me this morning if I was going to forget to pick up a birthday present for her friend today, or if I was going to forget to take her to the party at all?  We meekly smiled at each other, and then she said "I love you, Mom."  Thank goodness.  Because I don't forsee any drastic changes in my future.  Today we forgot to put the trash out.  This is just how we roll.


Smilin' sunshine said...

And the hand?? Did you forget to tell us the rest of the story??

I feel the same way, I forget EVERYTHING!! Even if it is written down, sometimes I still forget. Its ok.

Michael Stokes said...

I was going to say something witty, but I forgot. HT

LL said...

i remember things that aren't important...
Important calendar items, my memory fails me.
Hey give yourself credit. At least you remembered to call the nurse to remind her to call you.

Becky said...

Thanks for reminding me of those forgetful genes that we have inherited from dad. I had forgotten.

Cynthia said...

My children have long joked about my "leaky brain". And I have fewer children, appointments and responsibilities than you do. I think you do remarkably well!

shirlgirl said...

So, what about the hand? Is it a sprain, fracture, or what?

Jenny said...

Oh! Right. I forgot to tell you how the story ends.
Her thumb is NOT broken--x-rays looked good. So it's ummm... not broken.

Jo Jo said...

Is that why you always thought you were born first?!>

Jenny said...

Jo Jo--FIRST one IN, last one out.