Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anxious Me.

And the sad Tale of the Pumpkins.
I was going to blog all about my new babies; my two-and-a-half-month-old pumpkin plants that I've had crawling around my music room since early March.  I was feeling so proud!  That was my downfall.

Here's the new bed, and the little darlings placed so carefully in the mixture of compost and sheep poop.

And here they are the next morning.
The morning of the deadly FROST:

I wanted to cry. 
But I bought a new packet of pumpkin seeds instead.
I will place them in the pumpkin patch AFTER the danger of frost has passed.
(In New England it just takes SO long to get there!)


Sherry said...

Boo to late frosts! Thumbs down for bad weather!

Becky said...

Please pause for a moment of silence.

(May they rest in pumpkin peace)

LL said...

perhaps they're just sleeping. Give them time to perk up.
I've looked a lot like those dead plants this week...I hope to look alive soon.
Don't give up on them. :)

Laureen said...

That is just sooo sad. I almost cried too! Mine are still sitting on the bay windowsill. Thought about planting them today. Maybe I'll wait. :)

Jo Jo said...

SAD! I'm in the middle of last year's pumpkin shortage, and am lining up for the cans to hit the shelves in August