Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Kitchen Fairy!

She came!
I DO believe.  I DO.
Actually, it was perfect.  She came on the day that my dishes were out-of-control and spawning in the sink.  We had lunch and then *poof!* she was gone.  She left a shiny kitchen in her wake.I LOVE that kitchen Fairy!!
(thank you)


LL said...

i do like FAIRIES....especially the helpful sort.
I could use a bathroom fairy before my company arrives.
What a nice lady~

shirlgirl said...

You are welcome, dear niece. My pleasure, and thank you for the yummy salad you made for my lunch. It was awesome! It was so nice visiting with you, as it has been a very long time and I love being with you. It was great to see Enrique, Yonder, Mesquite, and Mr. Morning, too. Sorry I missed Rooney and Leeli. Lots of love to you. Aunt Shirley

Becky said...

I'm impressed Aunt Shirley - keeping up with all those nicknames...I can't even do that. LUCKY Jenny! I love when you visit too. :)

Marilyn said...

Can she come to my house next?

Jo Jo said...

She is indeed angelic! And does a fine lunch. Missing those moments as well.