Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the extended forecast which includes the return of STREP.

Today we spent a fun afternoon (on a half-day from school) getting new hair-dos.  Me plus four kiddos equals two and a half hours of hair fun and non-stop chatter.  Don't ask for pictures--some memories deserve your imagination.  (Please imagine me looking sleek and lovely with my new hair)
Some of the chit-chat in the salon included a meteorology report from Leeli, who ought to consider this as her career I think.  Out of the blue (is that a weather pun?) we're doing hair and the sky darkens and the rain starts pouring down.  I had to make the undesirable dash to the vehicle to close windows--my sleek new hair was saved by draping the handy hair-cutting cape over my head.  Michael Buble was playing on the van radio, so I happily lingered.  When I got back, the conversation was on the crazy weather, and Leeli announces:
It's going to stop raining and get sunny again.  Then the sky is going to get dark again, and it's going to rain, and then it's going to hail.
Um-hum.  Right. (I thought)
Then we drive home, and what'd'ya know?  Exactly as predicted, the sky darkened up, it started raining, and ka-POW!  We were hit with a sudden burst of hail.  Girls with new hair-cuts went out to dance amongst the falling frozen pellets, giggling and laughing until ca-RACK!! the lightening and thunder started.  Then they came shrieking back into the house with a new respect for turns in the weather.
Meanwhile, I'm throwing dinner together in anticipation of a T-ball game, a soccer practice, Jazz practice at the HS and general evening chaos.  (thank goodness for pasta and jarred spaghetti sauce) The T-ball coach calls and wants my opinion on whether or not to cancel.  I'm happy to simplify my evening, so I vote for cancel.  Enrique tells me that the sore throat he told me about at 5am this morning is still really sore, and that now his stomach is not feeling well.  I have this sinking feeling...
So I enlist the village:  Called the asst coach for soccer and asked if she'd take Leeli to the practice.  Left Roonie and Morning Boy creating birthday posters for Mesquite, who happens to be our cinco de Mayo baby.  Dropped spicy chick off to band practice at the HS on our way to the pediatrician, who tells us  that Enrique is to be on house arrest and starting another 10 days of antibiotics.  Apparently being re-infected with strep is not so uncommon.  (I wonder if I should have questioned the likelihood of the other SIX of us coming down with strep again?...)  Life is a party when Dub is travelling.
Back at 7:15pm, tucked Morning Boy in after reading Harry Potter chapter 9, dashed to the pharmacy to pick up the Rx, ran back to the track to pick up the soccer star and her carpool buddy and then did shower/bedtime shift #2.  Had just enough time to toss a pill at the patient and ran back up to the HS to pick up the flute player at 9pm... add to that crazy mix an annoying car fiasco, Yonder gone missing with a girl from Connecticut and a MAJOR job due (that I'm late starting) for the local organization for which I'm the secretary, and I'm just going to take five.

Five chocolate cupcakes, that is.
(Made these in my free time this morning)


Yankee Girl said...

Well at least those cupcakes look delicious! I want one of the chocolate ones, please.

LL said...

your life makes me dizzy.
Take five and call no one in the morning. Just sleep in and hide :)

The Mormon Monk said...

I'll happily pass on the pictures of your hairdo...but I do want a picture of "girl from Connecticut."

Becky said...

Only FIVE? I think 8 would've been my take for the night. :) Please come up for air.

rad6 said...

I love reading about your crazy life. it sounds so familiar and I love that somehow at the end of the day you are sane! Not sure that part is as familiar!
Happy strep! ok, wait... that's not so happy. but having a sickie does force a little downscaling which is good.

shirlgirl said...

I'd say you had a very busy day, and those cupcakes look awesome! And, since there is strep in your house, I am going to cancel my trip to your home tomorrow. I don't need to bring that home to Uncle D with his compromised immune system. We'll arrange another time. Give me a call in the morning before you head out to have your crown taken care of.

Marilyn said...

I didn't think you made them because of the fancy frosting, how did you do it? The YSA's inhaled them. What a day, it makes me want to just go to bed hearing about it.