Friday, May 7, 2010

Good chaos

For the record, our house is generally a revolving door of mayhem and confusion.
Birthday chaos is an especially happy kind of bedlam.  Here are some birthday moments that helped us detach from the routine madness of an otherwise typical week night.
Mesquite pondering her wish
and a little hand helping her to take the traditional birthday bite:  

We have a house guest for the week... 
here is a shot of   child loving dog:
(and below that, dog loving child)

Of course there were plenty of happy birthday phone calls

Taco salad for dinner.

It brings out the crazy in us.


Becky said...

FUN! I love that girl...shoot, I love them all. :) Laughing at Roger. Sorry my boys didn't make it down tonight.

Jenny said...

Enrique is the masked tortillero.

shirlgirl said...

Looks like everyone had a fun day. Again, Happy Birthday, Mesquite. Lots of love, Aunt Shirley
I remember when I made you your cake for your first birthday! It had clowns on it and it was two tiers, the top one with the #1 on it.

Marilyn said...

What is that cake? Looks fun!

Melanie said...

Your house sounds like a lot of fun, chaos and all!

Jo Jo said...

Having Gracie always makes for a great time! Loving taco face! My boys do that except they try to make snowflakes by folding them and taking bites.