Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A month of THANKS-giving

November marks the final month in my favorite season. I'm grateful each year for a month in which we celebrate feeling thankful. A talented blogging friend of mine has issued a challenge I accept with enthusiasm: Post daily about something you're thankful for. So here we go! A chance to showcase the daily blessings in my life.
Three daughters!!! A lifetime of everything that girl-power brings to the table.
Drama! Shopping! Spa nights!
Knowing that daughters turn into friends.


LL said...

GREAT Picture!
Sisters do make the best friends~

Marilyn said...

So true, the best of friends.

Becky said...

LOVE this picture. :) If I could...I would've had lots and lots more girls. I'm thankful for MY sisters...because they DO make for best friends. ♥

Michael Stokes said...

I am unqualified to post

Science Teacher Mommy said...

How lovely. I shopped with my MIL, mother and grandmother on Saturday. Will I really never have a daughter?

Jo Jo said...

I love my sisters, looking forward to daughters-in-law.

Bub said...

Your daughters have grown so much!!!! I know that a little bit ago, my Mom was just my mom. But then, she turned into a friend and a mom.