Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm thankful for seven days in the week

Because that's how long it's going to take before I stop feeling embarrassed about the meal I made for a family last night.  And I'm going to have to face them in church next Sunday.  I might be sick. 

Delicious roast beef, perfect gravy, finely chopped carrots and potatoes.  All mixed perfectly and put into a crust.  Meat pies.  Two for them, two for us.  They were even delivered HOT out of the oven.  The.crust.was.DISGUSTING. 

We picked ours off and I made Mr. Dub call the family to instruct them to do the same.  At least we had good dessert. 

Note to self:  When you work so hard to make everything so scrumptious, don't scrimp on the pie crust.  And guess what's for dinner tonight?  That's right... meat pie #2.  Waste not, want not!


Becky said...

I'm LAUGHING!!! I LOVE sharing disgusting dinners with others. It's a self-esteem booster. :)

shirlgirl said...

Oh, I know what a doughy crust is like. Once I purchased a peach pie at a bakery and the crust was gross--all gooey underneath, and the peaches still had the skins on them!! Maybe next time, try a puff pastry crust. It might work better. I'm sure what was under the crust was delicious.

Jane said...

You are so cute!

Jo Jo said...

Laughing over here too. Oh well.