Monday, March 2, 2009

Fare-thee-well to February

and hi-dee-ho to March! (even though it didn't come in like a lion, more like a polar bear)
I'm thinking good-bye to winter, hello to spring.
Adios to long dark nights, hola extended daylight hours!
No more weeks of feeling cooped up inside, instead I'll be popping out into the fresh air every chance I get.
Bye bye cold weather snacking, and a delightful hi there to welcome outdoor distractions. This is the month we build the final, farewell snowman of the season. (If we get snow in April, we turn the other cheek.)
I really should get me some of them crocuses... it would be good to see the color peeking through the snow. I DO love the fact that I can enjoy all of the seasons. Which means that it pains me NOT AT ALL to say adieu to winter. Until next year, then.


Jo Jo said...

Well posted after getting two feet of snow! Way to wish winter away.

Joy said...

The only word that come to mind is AMEN!!!!

Marilyn said...

Is that from your yard, that is so pretty!

Darleen said...

"Hit the road Jack! Don't 'ya come back no more, no more, no more, no more..." You know that song, the one written about Jack [Frost] by a cranky middle-aged, tired of the bone-chilling cold, Canadian woman!?