Thursday, October 4, 2012

the question's the same

Remember this post?
this one?
Is he ready?
Is he ready for his experience to be over?  To come home to his crazy family?  To answer a lot of questions like this one?
Ready or not.
Here is a portion of his
LAST LETTER HOME: (BIG smile as I wrote that)

Dear Family,

  I don't know what to say. I think I told Elder Clarke best last night when I said I feel like I am in the spirit world simply waiting for the next life. I feel good. I feel blessed. But best of all I feel like I have accomplished what the Lord has asked of me in these 2 years... I am excited for what is to come, but very sad for what is being left behind. 
  ...Yes, I am sad to leave the mission, mostly sad that my time as a full-time representative of Jesus Christ is done. No more badge, no more visits and teaching the blessings of the restored Gospel all day. BUT, much can continue. I am especially grateful for the missionary spirit that i have discovered fully, the power and direction it is to be set apart and carry that missionary mantle has helped me progress to where I am.  And I love my Savior Jesus Christ, who died for me so that I could live forever in eternal joy with those people most important to me.
  I love you family and I am excited to see you and hug you. For now, I will enjoy my last few days as a missionary in the best place ever! MISION PANAMA: SIEMPRE FUERTES!!!

Elder Whitcomb



LL said...

Well done Elder W.

shirlgirl said...

Welcome home, Elder W, nephew, Yonder, etc. Sorry I wasn't there to greet you along with your family. Hope to see you soon. Love, Aunt Shirley

Jo Jo said...


The Vieiras said...

What a great missionary. I teared up a bit reading this. Welcome home, Elder! I can't imagine my baby boy on a mission, but I know I will be there soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jenny!
How exciting to have Yonder back home, to feel of his spirit and to hear first hand of his stories, experiences and testimony. I really want to talk to him. I served my mission in Pananma and have lost touch with some very special friends and companions from Panama. Could you guys either call or email me when the dust settles? Thanks so much.
Eric Mitchell