Thursday, October 18, 2012

Here's a thought

I'm home.
I just sat through THREE HOURS of parent-teacher conferences.
Two students, fourteen teachers, in every subject.  Even gym.
(I liked it!)
I recognize that no matter how well kids are doing in school, making a connection with the teacher DOES make a difference.  A teacher who knows that parents are interested and care about what's happening in the classroom will help a child succeed.
Sadly for me, the teachers spend more waking time with my kids during the week than I do.
I care about what's happening to my kids during the seven hours they're not at home.
Here's my thought for the day:  Don't miss out on the chance to ask "How's it going at school?"
Don't forget to say thank you to a teacher.


Smilin' sunshine said...

I agree! I feel the same way about PT conferences. I only go to make that connection with the teacher!!
Which I am grateful that is the only reason I have to go!

Jo Jo said...

Okay now I'm feeling really badly I sent a form back saying, "No." I did resolve to go to another's, but good for you for going.

LL said...

I knew Dawn would be the first to comment because she's good about this too.
I'm more with Amy Jo. I will try a little harder to be a better classroom parent. Ugh