Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Feats of Skill

Forget the tough mudder, you crazy athletes.
Today I'm running a series of obstacle-laden events that will require endurance, coordination and agility.
Be impressed.
So far:

I woke up at 5:20am without an alarm.
I'm going to attribute this to the fact that I said my prayers before I went to bed.
Sweet Mesquite was having her breakfast when I shuffled into the kitchen, and I still had time to make her lunch and wish her good luck on her exam today before I dropped her off at early morning seminary.
I'm much luckier when I remember to say my prayers.
I got back in time to make three separate pans of scrambled eggs.
One for the gal boarding the bus at 6:45am.
At 6:44 I sprinted across the front lawn in slippers (have you SEEN our front lawn?) to the mailbox to pass off the folder of music she left on the kitchen table.
The 7:20 departure doesn't like eggs.  For her, I toasted a bagel and dished up some peaches.  She was the most freaked out by the 4.0 earthquake that rumbled our world last night.  Our breakfast conversation hovered around fault lines and living in California.
I didn't feel it. (The earthquake) At the time of the quake, I was concentrating. In phone school. Last week I upgraded, and thanks to the class, feel almost as smart as my phone.
The second pan of eggs went to Yonder.  I packed him an extra large cooler with lunch.  He left early to spend the day splitting and hauling wood in Princeton.
Mr. Morning had the third round of eggs.  As soon as he gets on the bus, I'm off to have my annual exam.  I've canceled and rescheduled it three times already in 2012.  The stamina required to keep this one is over the top, people.  As I type, I'm multi-tasking at the kitchen stove.  My reward for enduring the exam will be a large pot of tapioca pudding.  I'm skipping breakfast and going right to dessert.
The double batch is almost done.
One batch for me, one batch for Mr. Dub.
Wednesday night is our new date night, since Yonder is back to drive kids to activities.
Tonight, though, he'll be snuggled up with his pudding while I'm out making some Relief Society Visits.
I love traipsing around to pop in on women.
Really.  It's sweeter than dessert.
Here's what I still have to look forward to:
(aside from the breezy johnny in the exam room)

-Shopping!  (for groceries, but still.  Shopping without kids is something, years in, that I still do not take for granted.  It's almost like winning the lottery.  Not that I've ever done that.)
-A High School Soccer game in sunny 60 degree weather. Score!
-Vacuuming.  I promised myself I'd get the main floor done today.  I know--hold your applause.
-Taxi driving.  Drop offs and pick ups at critical times all afternoon.

What can I say?  It's a glamorous life.  I excel at what I do.

I hope your Wednesday is equally filled and fulfilling.


The Mormon Monk said...

You win--(Although actually, it's Yonder who really wins. When do I get to spend time with Mike again? Jealous.)

Darleen said...

My Wednesday just became a little bit more fulfilled just by reading your post! Thank you!

ellen said...

I'm behind a desk. It's awesome. hahaha But better than stirrups. :)

Alana said...

You make me feel like being a mom is a little more glamorous, thanks

LL said...

I feel like we're running the same race-- it's fun and rewarding and lots of work.
Wouldn't want to do anything else!

shirlgirl said...

You had a very busy day!