Sunday, October 14, 2012

First there was the homecoming. THEN Homecoming.

 Homecoming is a great day
to live in small town America.
 Every where I looked the foliage was begging to be a back drop for photos.
 Are there many towns left who have parades with float competitions?  (Besides, you know, The Rose Parade...) Each class at the high school submits a float--this year's theme was Fairy-tales   The 2012 winner was the Sophomore's Cinderella.
We love collecting pockets full of treats.  The candy-throwers were overly-generous this year, or we just happened to stand in the (ahem) sweet spot along the route.

 Ahhh... welcome home.


Jo Jo said...

That is the BEST tradition! I love parades, especially with candy throwers and sweet bands

allyeb5 said...

I love the floats. We don't even have a parade! So fun.