Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Return and Report.

First the return.  The Vagrants is going back to the library.  After my resolve not to finish a book that was less than extraordinary, I'm hesitant to admit that I had a hard time slipping this book back into the pile.  I so WANTED it to be good, but when the author introduced a character that was distasteful, I closed the cover. It's taken me almost two weeks to let go.  That might explain my clutter problem.  Life is too short.

On a smaller scale, my nights are also too short.  I long to climb in bed well before I do each night, and last night was no exception.  Mesquite and Enrique were homework-deuling on the computers, so I decided to watch the library movie I picked out two weeks ago while they worked.  I pulled the loveseat right up to the TV, plugged in my ear buds so as not to disturb the scholars and assumed the prone position.  I had NO idea what the movie was about; I picked it because the DVD cover was charming.  So much for not judging by appearances... I'm pleased to announce that the movie did not disappoint.

The kids were done well before the movie ended, but I had been strung along, and could not disconnect without knowing what would happen to Miss Potter.   Miss Potter turns out to be the story of  the famous English children's author Beatrix Potter.

How can you go wrong with Renee Zellweger?  I think this movie was released in 2007.  I'm not sure how we missed it the first go-round, but for anyone who has enjoyed The Tale of Peter Rabbit or any of the delightful Beatrix Potter books, it will charm its way into your heart.


Joy said...

We saw that movie last year and loved it!

LL said...

i'm always happy to add movies to my list.
I just can't understand how you can watch a movie when you're tired...I'm normally asleep before I'm strung along.

rad6 said...

going to look for that one!! Wow.
love it.
Thanks for the tip!

Melanie said...

I liked this movie despite Renee Zellweger. ;)

Marla said...

What a great choice of movie! I loved it too!

Interesting to read about your "no books less than extraordinary" policy. I have a hard time figuring out how much "distaste" to tolerate in books I think might have value otherwise, and I love the approach you took in this case...there are too many "extraordinary" books out there to waste time on anything less! Thanks for sharing that.

rebecca said...

I bought this movie. I grew up with Beatrix Potter books in plain sight 24/7. I loved so much about the movie, esp. Miss Potter's character. Such a talent.

Becky said...

Someone's got some new friends? They're popping out of the woodwork. I have not seen this movie...probably wouldn't have until now. Thanks for the recommendation.

Marilyn said...

That looks so good, and you got it at our library? I want to rent it next. Have you taken it back yet?

Jo Jo said...

Thanks for the movie rec. I too forgot about that one. Glad you liked it! Go to bed!