Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Generally, Young Men deserve what they get

Just for the record yesterday was one of my favorite holidays in Massachusetts.
Patriot's Day is one of Boston's finest days, and we're usually right out there with the masses, celebrating in some way, shape or form. This year we were anticipating a parcel of pavement at about mile 19 on the Boston marathon course. Instead we hunkered down and concentrated on taking our proper doses of medicines and resting. Of course, little did we know that Enrique was harboring the germ-du-jour while he hosted most of his young men compadres for a sleep-over prior to rising in the middle of the night to attend the re-enactment of the battle at Lexington. I wonder how many of them have become unsuspecting carriers?
You're welcome, gentlemen.
[Oh dear.]


LL said...

they may or may not deserve it :)
Just kidding.
It's always kind to share~we learn that in primary. We are often sharing in primary! that's where it all begins.

Jo Jo said...

Oh well. That's a good lookin group of YM

shirlgirl said...

Hope they all stay well. Sorry you've all been down with the strep. Get those windows open and the germs out!! Sorry you've been sick on school vacation--bummer!

rad6 said...

WoW, I want to go to a reenactment of the battle of lexington. That would be amazing. But without the germs.
how was it.