Friday, April 23, 2010

a hidden treasure

We found a nice spot to hide our very own letter box.
Leeli's holding it here, with our very enthusiastic group of clue-makers.
It was hidden VERY well...
...take a minute to check out letterboxing dot org.
It's a fun way to take a walk, see parts of your region you may not have seen before, and enjoy some time hanging out with people you like!
We're fond of letterboxing, and are thrilled to have come up with one of our own in Central Virginia.


shirlgirl said...

What a fun thing to do with all the family! Looks like Gram is enjoying herself with all of her grandchildren, too.

LL said...

Where did blond friend find that HAT? He's looking like a happy little man.

Aaron H. said...

As long as whatever letter box I open has UR inside, I'll go find it.

Becky said...

That might be a fun activity for April vacation next week. Do you think Ben could play too?

Jo Jo said...

Fun! I've always wanted to do that. Did I miss seeing
Em? Is she hiding in the hole? Is that Dot's boy?